Wednesday, 28 July 2010

no one's bed

'How many ways can you say goodbye?
that was nothing

How many days, were in dreaming
in many ways just a lie?
In better days, I'd be dreaming
as my life passed me by

Now pardon me for trying
trying to tear apart

And pardon me for lying
it's just easy, so easy to start'

Saturday, 3 July 2010

.. and if you fall, i just wont follow.

THEM AND US. exhibition at 'The Rag Factory'

If you missed the 'Super Graphics' exhibition last week, not all is lost, we have a little surprise for you.
We have another very exciting show coming from the 14th to the 17th of July at 'The Rag Factory' just off Brick Lane.

And if you did go to the show then you know there will be  really great work, so bring your butt here cos we are showing new work as well as some of the favourites.

We will be having a shop so if you are still banging your head on the wall for not having buy that amazing limited edition print you have not to worry; but there is not many left so don't miss the second chance.

There will be cold Kopparbegs on the day of the Private View to make this summery show just perfect.

A little review by LCC

Super Graphics!! visual report...

And after a very exciting week at LCC, we had to put the show down yesterday, so for those who missed it, I took a few pictures for you to have a look around.

It was 47 of us, showing two pieces each so if you wanna see individual pieces of each of us visit the 'Super Graphics' website where you can also find the work of the other five Graphic and Media Design pathways.

Here are some of my very favourite pieces, but the whole show was amazing, I have to say I'm really proud to have taken part of it. Click on images to enlarge, and for more details click on peoples names for a direct link to their exhibitions page.

 'Orlando' Johanna Woolhead

Lisa Roberton

Amy Friend

We also had a very cool SHOP, where you could buy limited edition work from all the pathways students.