Friday, 6 May 2011

Distance, 68 Kilometers of Absence. (work in progress)

I am working in an Installation/urban intervention that comments on the current state of violence in Mexico. 

'Distance, 68 kilometers of Absence'

Is the physical representation of the 40000 assassinations that have taken place in Mexico since the 'war against organized crime' started 4 years ago.  From the tragedy of a number that has become an statistic, with no name, age nor gender, 68 kilometers comes from multiplying 40000 times the average height of a Mexican man, 1.70 meters. The idea of measuring this absence with distance, comes from the realization that violence in Mexico has drawn a line between my desire to come back, and that keeps growing greater. A line of distance between the place where I grew up and the one I no longer recognize. It aims to make tangible a number that is impossible to understand just by thinking about it. 

The first stage, measuring 68 metres, only 1% of the total, will be displayed as my participation in the international protest that calls for the immediate cease of violence from both, government and drug cartels. 

Demonstrations of support have already started in Mexico and will culminate on the 8th of May internationally.

Please join the demonstration in LONDON.  We will congregate at 11 am on Sunday 8th of May in front of the Mexican Embassy

Mexican Embassy,
16 St George Street,
London W1S 1FD

This demand for peace and justice with no political inclination was triggered by the mexican poet Javier Sicilia, after the recent assassination of his son, and is the follow up of the first protest held the past 6th of April  which summoned 30 demonstration of support from the Mexican Civil Society around the country and 13 in different places around the world. 

Click HERE, If you want to have a look at 'the way to peace' ('Ruta por la Paz'), which shows the path that is being walked by the manifestation already taking place since the 5th of May in direction to Mexico City from Cuernavaca, Mexico. 
If you want to join the protest from another place in the planet, visit THIS PAGE and find your city. 

Or if can't attend but would like to join in solidarity, there is a proposal for 'Poetic Action'  that is very easy and can be done from your own house or office, all you need is an empty envelope and a stamp. HERE the easy instructions.

For the event information on facebook click HERE, and its version in SPANISH.  

The past 2 post in this blog contain additional information and links if you want to know more about what is happening in Mexico.