Sunday, 7 December 2008

but at times

...things are just blurry...

Monday, 27 October 2008

Man Woman Machine

The humanization of machines.
The machinization of human.
Fascination and fear.

We have walked so far from understanding each other, man and woman, and what we are looking for in the other, what we are looking for in ourselves, that we have built all those magnificent machines to full up our need to be accompanied, to full up the gap of that separation between heaven and earth.

We have exploited our intelligence in creating complicated technology and artefacts because we cant understand each other and we can't bear the emptiness of this separation.

   We all want to leave the human race. We want to be freed.

   Greedy, lecherous creatures. It's always somebody else's fault..

   Is everyone alive here or what? behaving like stupefied animals, tossing and moaning.

                               Machines are honest, and they are never greedy. Men are pitiful,
                                                    while women are enchanting spirits.

                              How many times did this heart beat?

The next spreads are from the fanzine I made in collaboration with Abigail Aked for the same project.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008


This is an installation piece about obsessive thoughts and how do they move in my head. Obsessions get in my dreams and in my nightmares, they start again and again.

Sometimes I feel so full of thoughts that I can't see them anymore. They feel like words that fly in my head like flies in a jar.

The videos were design to be play in a loop simultaneously in a gallery space. The Video in the middle was a big and distorted projection on the wall. The one on the top was showed in a small screen on the left hand side of the projection and the one on the bottom on a small screen on the right hand side of it. Sound is meant to overlap, but the one in the middle should be the loudest. You can play them here simultaneously or separately. If you are a PC user and are having trouble seeing them you can play them separately in youtube.

Obsessions are irrational, they have no logic to follow, they are not clear, they are not easy to recognize... they come from somewhere we cant understand.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

simultaneous demolition reconstruction

mexico city in on reconstruction... the pipes where rotten and the buildings broken... too many layers of history, too many memories forgotten... children play in the houses roofs.. they ran out of backyards... they became dangerous...

a retaining wall had to be build, right after the big hearthquake... it stops the tears for the dead beloved ones, for the buried ones alife...

then the dust came, and she forgot who was underneath...

....she stands on with hardened facade, covered in plaster, wires and waterproof paint... and tries to hide from her mirror image, in case big eyes collapse her walls... they took so long to be built that she forgot they were not there before...

surprised and almost amused she watches herself being discovered... and tries herself, with clumsy fingers to put the bricks where they belong...

August 18, 2008

..... but I have my box of colour pencils, and I will colour all the places... the grey ones, the forgotten ones... the drestroyed ones... I will colour all my places...  

Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Is it the land? the piece of land?
is it the childhood's house? the back garden?
is it what the house contains? the pictures, the fish tank, the tea table?
is it the people? mom, dad, the friends and the neighbours?

it is the bits of heart that I give to each of them... and I left behind...
and the space in my head that reminds me you are gone...


Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

I'm a believer now

-And everyday I look at myself in the mirror and say: You don't need to worry... everything is gonna be all right... but I never believe it.-

This is Religion. The need to believe everything is going to be all right. The mask you put on everyday that tells the others you believe it... they believe it... they need to believe it... And the actual sustaining of this mask is heavy and does not let you breath or scream... scream... fuck you!... I dont believe this bullshit anymore, I don't believe you anymore...

if you were like me...

beachy head 22-09-08

Sunday, 21 September 2008


This is a Special Edition CD Sleeve printed by hand with letterpress for the Album Tucana Banana, Wonder Desperado. WD records.  

Saturday, 20 September 2008

A dream that was supposed to be beautiful

When I was a kid I used to have very high fevers. When this happened I would hallucinate mandriles, they would do anything, they would just lie next to me and I would hear them breathing before my face. I forgot about them.
Some months ago I was in Canada, I had a terrible high fever, outside, there was a snow storm, it was all covered on snow, incredibly white and beautiful. I was half asleep and half hallucinating because of the fever. In my dream there was just a snowed landscape.. it was all white, the mandriles from my hallucination got in my dream. Or was it the other way? the mandriles of my hallucinations came out and ran lost in the snow?
The real and the unreal came together. A dream that was supposed to be beautiful sudenly became terrifying reality.

  If only I could lie on my bed and have silent dreams.
If I could rest on a bed of cold snow and silence my thoughts, freeze them even.
how do you freeze a dream? a feeling? how do you encapsulate love? preserve it from dying?
how do I save us from dying?

  hay un mandril que duerme conmigo... todos los dias... a veces, a mitad de la noche, me despierta su respiracion, me quedo quieta y lo miro robandome el aliento, enterrandome las uñas... respira pesado y me enseña los dientes, al oido me gruñe que no va a dejarme ir. Se desvanece y depierto con araños. A veces, cuando me da miedo dormirme, me da mordiditas filosas, desde adentro, que me dan comezon en la espalda y al oido me gruñe que no va a dejarme ir...