Monday, 14 December 2009

CALL FOR ENTRIES. Territorial Claims.


This is an open invitation to take part in a project that questions the notion of identity and the public and private space, the personal and the impersonal. What makes a place your home?

Every time we move house we go through a process of choosing what to bring with us and what is left behind, in this process, not only 'what we need' is taken with, there is also the what we want, what we treasure and what makes us feel at home. This objects can follow us for several years, to many places, some people even have objects that bring to hotel rooms when they are abroad, something that makes them feel like they bring a bit of that idea of home with them.

But there is more to a 'home' than just objects, there is also rituals, the rearranging of the layout of the space for example by moving the furniture around, is a good way to make us feel we have some kind of control over the place, changing the walls colour, or in cases like in london where doing this might result in loosing your rents deposit hanging a picture often does the trick. There are many very personal rituals we follow to make a place a little more our own.

This project wants to investigate the need to belong to a place and the ways we claim this territories.

For this over the period of 4 weeks, I will invite 4 different people to move in my bedroom and make it their own. Each of them will have 4 days, during this 4 days they will be surrounded by many of my personal things, they will be invited to modify the arrangement of the furniture and will have to work around what is hung on the walls.

You will be able to add and contribute to the layout of the walls by changing the arrangement what is already hanged. The idea is to respond to a place which is got it's own history. You will be expected to live part of 'you' in the bedroom, traces of your presence. This traces will be regularly documented.

Each of the contributors will be given 2 disponsable cameras to record their findings and contributions through their own eyes and will be giving them back at the end of their residence.

This findings and contributions will later be selected and exhibited in the space and posted in this site with their name as contributors and a link to their website or blog (if relevant).

The residences will be taking place over January 2010 so if yo would like to participate and you would like more information please send me an email with a brief description of yourself and an approximate of the dates that you would be able to take part of the project.

To see more on 'territorial claims' click

Saturday, 12 December 2009

accidents ... (mara bueno in Sang Bleu)

Last Sunday I was taken some pics by Adrian Wilson who is one of the editors of Sang Bleu Magazine; the shoot was for the Number 5 which will be out on February 2010 and is gonna have an article about Tomas, so you will be able to see my arms in some detail. Tomas is a friend who's work I absolutely love and is of great inspiration so I could not have say no. The session was fun but was hard not to be horribly shy..

anyway, almost accidentally my own work was also photographed, this left leg that was my practising stress free meat... and Adrian made a beautiful picture of it and posted it in the Sang Bleu's Blog, so I feel very privileged...

Saturday, 21 November 2009


In semiotics, a term is absent from a meaningful sequence of signs if it could potentially occupy a position in the sequence, and if its exclusion affects the meaning of the signs which are present.

Semiotics. Acrylic on newspaper

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


the beautiful things have disappeared, the public did not want to keep them.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Handmade & Bound

Hello, just to let you know about the "Handmade and Bound" zine festival taking place on sunday the 1rst of november, a few friends and I would be selling some goodies.. mine are still in the oven, but come! come! to the zine feast...

  • Handmade & Bound 2009

    The next Handmade & Bound fair will be held on Sunday 1 November 2009 at:

    St Aloysius Social Club
    Corner of Eversholt Street and Phoenix Road,
    London NW1

    12 - 6pm
    Free entry
    Nearest tube: Euston

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Sunday, 23 August 2009

what ever went away..

"you have been dead for so long...

wonder what keeps you standing.

still now. standing.

proudly. arrogant.

ever so empty."

.. when I met you, you were all broken, not many could tell
it wasn't easy to see,

you tried breaking the walls I had built around myself,
perhaps testing if you could in the end come out from the ones you were then building...

I remember having thought that you had been so hurt that you had to build yourself an actual armor...
is kinda funny it was me the one helping making it..
at it was so tiring and in a way painful

it was in a time when there was nothing left of my own walls,
and I was so exposed to my pain it was difficult to stay standing..

but everybody looked just like their reflections..

"and so here I am
talking in a empty room
listening to my own voices
their echoes

inside this nothingness, the silence

many lifes have been left behind
and I've been left modeling the shape of my memories

you were always a better person
...before you got lost in darkness

in any case. I'm this container. of you. and all your faces.
let me dig a little deeper. i almost find you.

and sometimes i wonder if I'm digging to rescue or to bury you inside my many journeys
the real and the remembered ones

what will be left of me if you dissapear?
if there is no memory, emotions is what will be left.. perhaps
is that how I ended up being so full of them?

how did i get here, this empty room
will I be able to understand?
no-one to ask ... only this voices, the echos

and when it all will be finally gone

I will make you with my bare hands

out side
I guess I will always be a stranger"

                                           28 March 2009


" were always weird but i never had to hold you by the edges like I do now.."

who I am.. my identity.. my name and my background.. my parents. my school teachers.

this is who I am. this promise. an educated girl like me. is got a life promised. a good life awaiting. a dog and a back garden to look after when I retired.

anything you want is there for you to take... your dreams... what do you want to do when you grow up?

happy people know this. they are prisoners of their intricate constructions. they know they cant stop being certain that this is what they want or it all will collapse before their eyes...

I have work so hard for you baby, so you can have it all... all you ever wanted, the dog and the back garden...

this is who I am ... a reminder of your broken promises ...

they don't like to be reminded this is not what they ever wanted.

and I refuse the spectacle, I wont reproduce to eternity... may be, may be next time I will be a better person, may be next time I'll be happy

not humans left... only broken promises


Thursday, 6 August 2009

the donkey and you

"There is only so much you can get from that donkey walking with the carrot in front. Sometimes it's got to stop, or it's got to bite the carrot, otherwise he gets crazy and he keeps turning around instead of going straight. That's what I did." JCN

Thursday, 30 July 2009

bric a brac

I get to register in a ruled green book all the expenses for this regurgitated project.. I stick a receipt, draw a little picture of the purchase and write a little explanation of what would I use it for, or what am I expecting to learn from it, what little bit of atmosphere im wishing to gain with it. ..

at the end of the book, it will be filled with numbers, pounds, plus and minus ... little pictures

of course there is no need for the little crappy drawing.. but it distracts me from the monotonous task of register every single expense.. again in the hope, it then would be deducted from taxes, or taken as an evidence for some sponsorship, or so many other backward escalator that they told us to take on one of those ECCA lectures... yea yea... being an artist is possible in this country... yea yea.. so, since i have the feeling the whole task is absolutely useless, I might as well add a bit of more non-sense..

in-take and out-take

bastardized solar plate

Monday, 27 July 2009

trolebus, recreated memories

photo taken by margoux

does your memory stray to a bright summer day?


Screen-print on magazine

Remember when we used to play?

Bang Bang, screen-print on magazine

I hit the ground, (detail) screen-print on magazine

Horses made of stick, screen-print on magazine

that awful sound, Bang Bang... after Richter

Friday, 26 June 2009

This Little Girl made it to the V&A

Visitors to PEN-PAPER-SCISSORS could colour outside the lines at this exciting night in celebration of the V&A Illustration Awards 2009. They discovered the multi-disciplinary nature of Illustration by making a stop motion movie with the Peepshow Collective and marvelled at live collaborative animation by artists from They could join a talk by inventive illustrator and writer Graham Rawle and listen to Julie Verhoeven discuss her varied practice. Illustrators from Debut Art and Dutch Uncle battled it out at the Secret Wars Drawing contest and visitors could enter a competition for the a piece of the final artwork.

Featured at the V&A

Live Animation Arena by

Chosen from the Series Man Woman Machine (detail, 2007), this collage was part of a really nice live animation that took place at the Victoria & Albert Museum on Friday 26th.

Pen-Paper-Scissors, devoted to the crossover between Illustration and Animation, was a part of the V&A Friday Late series and was in aid of the V&A Illustration Awards 2009.

The night was a great success for everyone involved, as Sam and Ellie worked away cutting and illustrating their set pieces, it was wonderful to see it all come to life right next to them on the projection screen. What was really brilliant were the hoards of visitors standing entranced by the animators, an amazing team from The Moving Picture Company, at work. Their tech station was constantly surrounded by curious spectators who often lent over to ask what programmes and techniques they were using.

Check out the rest of the illustrators at the full Jotta's review.

Peepshow Animate the V&A

And since I was already at the V&A I wondered around and found this drop in  hands-on animation workshop organised by the Peepshow, and it was so much fun I ended up swapping a tattoo for an overhead projector :) .. you can see the video that came out of the workshop here.

Monday, 22 June 2009

nymph in water

visible and invisible

“Absolutely visible body, in one sense, I know very well what it is to be looked over by someone else from head to toe. I know what it is to be spied from behind, watched over the shoulder, caught off guard when I least expect it. I know what it is to be naked. And yet this same body, which is so visible, is also withdrawn, captured by a kind of invisibility from which I can never really detach it. This skull, the back of my skull, I can feel it, with my finger. But see it? Never. This back, which I can feel leaning, against the pressures of the matters, against the couch when I am lying down, and which I might catch but only by the ruse of the mirror. And what is this shoulder, whose movements and positions I know nothing with precision, but that I will never be able to see without dreadfully contorting myself? The body-phantom that only appears in the mirage of the mirror, and then only in fragmentary fashion- do I really need genies and fairies, and death and the soul, in order to be, at the same time both visible and invisible? ”

‘Le corps utopique’ translated by Lucia Allais in consultation with Caroline A. Jones and Arnold Davidson from Michel Foucault, Utopies and Heterotopies, a CD release of two 1966 radio broadcasts published in 2004 by the Institut National d’Audiovisuel, Paris.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

dog love

"At times at the end of the season, when the tourist leave Calella, howls could be heard coming from the woods. They were the outcries of the dogs fastened to the trees.

The tourist used the dogs to cure solitude, during vacations; and then, when the time to leave came, they would tie them up inside the woods, so they can't follow them." EG

thanks katja, for the pictures and the love

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Sunday, 3 May 2009

hell is other people

Self consciousness needs "the Other" to prove (display) its own existence. It has a "masochistic desire" to be limited by the reflective consciousness of another subject.

and that is what you see in me. your echoes, your reflections.

there was nothing left of her but her voice.

modern romance


there is no remedy for bad startings,
and new beginnings are only stuborness

perfect moments

no address where to send any more postcards.

there will be no loose stones

if you ever come back

all you will find...

are the ruins of my waiting..

well, i've been dragged all over the place
i've taken hits time just don't erase