Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Work in Progress Exhibition

This piece is about questioning the use and perception of space, the public and the private, the personal and the impersonal.

It is composed of two site based installations. The first one took place in Richmond Park, where by bringing elements that evoked personal use and private property as well as the idea of warmth and personal identity, I intended to accentuate the uses of public spaces as extensions of our personal space. The need to belong to a place, a territory.

The second one was in at the Crypt Gallery. Here I brought some of the branches I found during the first installation, I wanted to bring the out-door indoors and with this underline the levels of public and accessibility. The branches were suspended and joined only by their shadows which were mimicked with soil, a trail that reminded where they came from, what they are no longer. Dead and alive, present and absent, past and present. time and space.

photo by George Hurst

photo by James and Varvara, taken from their blog

thank you for all the people who came, it was full! how exciting... unfortunately my pictures were terrible,  if you wanna  have a look at some of the others exhibiters  george's site  is got a really  nice documentation... make sure you have a look at the rest of his work, you'll love it!

Flyer by Erica Dorn

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