Thursday, 30 July 2009

bric a brac

I get to register in a ruled green book all the expenses for this regurgitated project.. I stick a receipt, draw a little picture of the purchase and write a little explanation of what would I use it for, or what am I expecting to learn from it, what little bit of atmosphere im wishing to gain with it. ..

at the end of the book, it will be filled with numbers, pounds, plus and minus ... little pictures

of course there is no need for the little crappy drawing.. but it distracts me from the monotonous task of register every single expense.. again in the hope, it then would be deducted from taxes, or taken as an evidence for some sponsorship, or so many other backward escalator that they told us to take on one of those ECCA lectures... yea yea... being an artist is possible in this country... yea yea.. so, since i have the feeling the whole task is absolutely useless, I might as well add a bit of more non-sense..

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