Monday, 14 December 2009

CALL FOR ENTRIES. Territorial Claims.


This is an open invitation to take part in a project that questions the notion of identity and the public and private space, the personal and the impersonal. What makes a place your home?

Every time we move house we go through a process of choosing what to bring with us and what is left behind, in this process, not only 'what we need' is taken with, there is also the what we want, what we treasure and what makes us feel at home. This objects can follow us for several years, to many places, some people even have objects that bring to hotel rooms when they are abroad, something that makes them feel like they bring a bit of that idea of home with them.

But there is more to a 'home' than just objects, there is also rituals, the rearranging of the layout of the space for example by moving the furniture around, is a good way to make us feel we have some kind of control over the place, changing the walls colour, or in cases like in london where doing this might result in loosing your rents deposit hanging a picture often does the trick. There are many very personal rituals we follow to make a place a little more our own.

This project wants to investigate the need to belong to a place and the ways we claim this territories.

For this over the period of 4 weeks, I will invite 4 different people to move in my bedroom and make it their own. Each of them will have 4 days, during this 4 days they will be surrounded by many of my personal things, they will be invited to modify the arrangement of the furniture and will have to work around what is hung on the walls.

You will be able to add and contribute to the layout of the walls by changing the arrangement what is already hanged. The idea is to respond to a place which is got it's own history. You will be expected to live part of 'you' in the bedroom, traces of your presence. This traces will be regularly documented.

Each of the contributors will be given 2 disponsable cameras to record their findings and contributions through their own eyes and will be giving them back at the end of their residence.

This findings and contributions will later be selected and exhibited in the space and posted in this site with their name as contributors and a link to their website or blog (if relevant).

The residences will be taking place over January 2010 so if yo would like to participate and you would like more information please send me an email with a brief description of yourself and an approximate of the dates that you would be able to take part of the project.

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Jacqueline Ford said...

oooh i found it, i have read the brief now,a bit late! x

maRa bueno said...

:) ... not late... this was also part of the investigation... XX