Wednesday, 6 April 2011


In Mexico, there has been nearly 40 000 assassinations in the past 4 years by the so called 'war against crime'. This anonymous civilians, that have become numbers and statistics, they represent each citizen of this country, reduce to  an unprotected life, the life of an animal, of a being that can be violated, kidnapped, molested and assassinated with impunity. 

TODAY there will be 30 demonstrations around the country and 13 in different places around the world to call for the immediate end of violence from both, government and drug cartels. Please join the demonstration, in LONDON, it will be at 5pm in front of the Mexican Embassy.

Mexican Embassy,
16 St George Street,
London W1S 1FD

“One day they came for the blacks, and I said nothing. Another day they came for the Jews, and I said nothing. One day they came for me (or for a son of mine) and I had nothing to say.” 

                                                                          Bertholt Brecht, when the horror of Nazism

This in an international call from the mexican poet Javier Sicilia, after the recent assassination of his son, if you want to read his letter click HERE

“Por nuestros hijos, por los que viven, por los que pueden ser víctimas mañana, por las mujeres de Juárez asesinadas, por tantos crímenes, por tantos inocentes caídos, vamos a las calles a exigirle a estos hijos de la chingada del crimen organizado que le paren, y a estos cabrones del gobierno, que respondan.”

"For our children, for the ones still alive, for the ones that could be victims tomorrow, for the women assassinated in Juarez, for the many crimes, for the many fallen innocents, lets go to the streets and demand this sons of bitches in the organized crime to stop, and the fuckers in the in the government to  respond".  

If you want information on the details of Demonstrations around the world click HERE.

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