Monday, 27 October 2008

Man Woman Machine

The humanization of machines.
The machinization of human.
Fascination and fear.

We have walked so far from understanding each other, man and woman, and what we are looking for in the other, what we are looking for in ourselves, that we have built all those magnificent machines to full up our need to be accompanied, to full up the gap of that separation between heaven and earth.

We have exploited our intelligence in creating complicated technology and artefacts because we cant understand each other and we can't bear the emptiness of this separation.

   We all want to leave the human race. We want to be freed.

   Greedy, lecherous creatures. It's always somebody else's fault..

   Is everyone alive here or what? behaving like stupefied animals, tossing and moaning.

                               Machines are honest, and they are never greedy. Men are pitiful,
                                                    while women are enchanting spirits.

                              How many times did this heart beat?

The next spreads are from the fanzine I made in collaboration with Abigail Aked for the same project.

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