Wednesday, 15 October 2008


This is an installation piece about obsessive thoughts and how do they move in my head. Obsessions get in my dreams and in my nightmares, they start again and again.

Sometimes I feel so full of thoughts that I can't see them anymore. They feel like words that fly in my head like flies in a jar.

The videos were design to be play in a loop simultaneously in a gallery space. The Video in the middle was a big and distorted projection on the wall. The one on the top was showed in a small screen on the left hand side of the projection and the one on the bottom on a small screen on the right hand side of it. Sound is meant to overlap, but the one in the middle should be the loudest. You can play them here simultaneously or separately. If you are a PC user and are having trouble seeing them you can play them separately in youtube.

Obsessions are irrational, they have no logic to follow, they are not clear, they are not easy to recognize... they come from somewhere we cant understand.

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