Saturday, 30 January 2010

.... traces... Welcome Intruders

.. a little advance of the pics from the 'WELCOME INTRUDERS' installation
... just cos i could not resist it... still gotta go through many many .. 
and it might take a little while... but will get here... 
 hope you enjoy it... I did, very much

in this post, the work of Alia Ahmad, Jaqueline Ford, Mara Bueno, Moonkeum Kim and Sarah Culross


Lisa said...

Hey Mara, cool blog!
Your project looks so interesting! I hope you post some more pictures since I couldn't be there, it would be nice to see how it turned out!

xoxox Lisa

maRa bueno said...

Oh thank you lisa, yes, there is alot of beautiful pictures actually, but is has been very hard to organise 4 project at the same time, so is going a bit slow in the editing and publishing side of things, hopefully a blog on this project will be up very soon. :)