Friday, 22 January 2010


In a project that questions the notion of identity and the public and private space, the personal and the impersonal, three Illustrators moved in my bedroom and surrounded by many of my personal things they were asked to respond to a space charged with its own history and make it their home. 

Leaving trace of their presence and having documented their findings, they would vacate the space after four days for the next intruder to come and build the next layer of their own territorial claim. 

This exhibition is to celebrate their findings and their contributions. And you will be able to see the various stages of this installation through their eyes as well as mine. 

During the exhibition a fourth  intruder will be Video Performing adding the final layer.  

Please note space will be restricted, so to avoid disappointment it is advisable that you confirm your attendance by emailing to with Welcome Intruders as the subject.

I will be very happy to see you there.
Thank You. 

If you want to read the brief they responded to, click here. 

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